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Choji Omakase

What started off as Sydney’s first Wagyu Omakase experience has evolved into many versions of exciting innovation culinary experiences.

At Choji Omakase, there’s always a source of inspiration and a captivating story to tell.


Our Omakase pays homage to Choji’s passionate Yakiniku roots by using only the highest quality cuts of wagyu beef. With focus on the finesse of an Omakase experience, guests are taken on a discovery journey by leaving themselves in the trusted hands of the chefs. There is an important essence of the Japanese culture and story behind each dish that is showcased through the chef’s specially crafted menu.

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Katsuji Yoshino

Extensive background in working for 1-3 Michelin stars restaurants around the world.

His culinary journey has not only developed a diverse range of skillsets in cooking but also the appreciation and understanding of the ever-increasing importance of being environmentally conscious as well as being sustainable.


Two top culinary minds coming together to recreate their interpretation of Choji Omakase, it's an unparalleled omakase experience not to be missed. We hope you will enjoy the discovery process as much as our chefs enjoyed creating them. And yes, at Choji you can always expect the best “meat” courses too.


At Choji, we source only the finest local and imported fresh produce for our Omakase. Every creation offered by us is meticulously selected to accentuate the defining characteristics of the ingredients, which allows the diner to fully experience their nuances and intricacies. In keeping with our zero-waste philosophy, everything we source is used in some part of the dish, letting no ingredients go to waste.

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Choji Omakase Experience
Chef Takashi Sano x Chef Katsuji Yoshino
Every Monday to Wednesday at 6.30pm
(One seating per day only)


Please note, reservations are only accepted through Choji Omakase website:
Bookings are released on the 15th monthly

Please view Choji Omakase Policy before making your booking.

Cancellation requests can only be made at least 72 hours prior to your booking time. We may not be able to honour reservations with a broad range of special requests, such as “vegetarian food only” or “no raw seafood”.